Friday, May 16, 2008

Listen to your kidneys...

I was reminded this morning that not everyone believes that the heart is the seat of your emotions and will. We English speakers do, and I know that the Greeks in the time of Jesus did too, so it's a long tradition to see the blood-pumping muscle as also the emotion and will-pumper.

But as I was reading Psalm 16, I came to verse 7, which in a direct translation of the Hebrew would say something like this:

"I bless YHWH who gives me counsel; in the night also my kidneys instruct me."

My kidneys instruct me every night, although usually they use the bladder as interpreter. But you gotta listen to your kidneys when they talk.

Go ahead and check me out on this. You'll find it's true. Then I dare you to say to your significant other, "I love you with both my kidneys" and see what the romantic effect is.

It's biblical.

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