Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm sick of paint

Okay, raise your hand if you've done something stupid...

Not the "we've all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" but non-sin, forgetful stupid. Back in the youth pastor days I was for several years the director of the EPBA youth camp. There was a couple of years in a row that we used one of my fave youth evangelist dudes from that era as the camp preacher. About 3 months prior to the second year of his speaking he called me up and said something like this: "Arnie, I've done something stupid. Really bad. But I haven't sinned. I can't tell you more yet, but I just thought I needed to tell you that." do I uninvite you?

As it turns out, his description was spot on. He traveled a lot over Texas and Oklahoma as an evangelist, and when he was in the car alone on a long trip he would take a small pistol. One trip he was heading back from Oklahoma, and when he got home he just through everything, included said pistol, into his backpack. He had a week off with the family, then a weekend deal in Midland. That church was flying him out there, so he got the airport, went through security and was immediately grabbed and pulled aside. As the security guys pulled him away he glanced at the x-ray machine and--you guessed it--there was his fully-loaded pistol. It was a good thing for him that this was the early 90s and not post-9/11.

He bounced back from that stupid thing, and I'm bouncing back from mine. But we pay for them, in big or small ways. What was my stupid thing, you ask? Great question...

I through away some important paint last year. Custom paint. That our kitchen and bathrooms were painted with. And now we're moving and needing to touch up...

Have you ever tried to match custom paint with those stupid little cards? We've been to the local Lowe's 45 times in the past two weekends. I'm glad it's only a mile from my house. But I'm sick of paint.

I think we're done. The house should go on the market next weekend. And if all goes well I won't paint a thing ever again.

Yeah right.

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