Friday, May 26, 2006

Spurs loss

Since moving to San Antonio 3 years ago, I've been amazed at the passion of Spurs fans. And I've become one. It was tough to watch them lose to the Mavericks last week in game 7. Avery Johnson is a great guy, and I'm glad for him, but we works for a guy that at least publicly seems to be a little off his rocker. Don't know him personally, so maybe it's all for show, but he makes me not want to pull for a Texas team against Phoenix.

Who are we most like, we members of the community of Jesus-followers? Are we just fans, content to pull for our team, but never in the game? Are we players, ready to give it all on the court of life? Or are we spoiled "owners" who think that since our team used to be the major societal influence then everyone should just cow to us, regardless of the problems in our own camp, the alliances with hired consultants that take advantage of the disadvantaged for their own gain?

Who is really most like Jesus?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Border thoughts...

I have an idea.

I think that the city of San Antonio, where I live, should make it a law tomorrow that you have to live in the city to work in the city. Then Wednesday, when all those people who live in the suburbs "immigrate" into SA to work, they should arrested as illegals and deported back to their home community. If they don't have respect for our laws, regardless of how arbitrary they are in the overall scheme of things, they should not be allowed in to work.