Monday, July 05, 2010

Relationship is deeper than sports

So, the World Cup is over. At least for our family.

The USA had a good showing, but really needed to beat Ghana to boost the sport more in the US. Then Argentina failed to show up against the German team (as I feared would happen--Germany looks tough when they play up to their level) and now I have no one to cheer for in what I have come to believe is one of the only true world championships available.

We are a nation obsessed with sports and athletes. Here in Dallas a sigh of relief was audibly heard when Dirk agreed to a new deal with the Mavs. The US sports world is following LeBron and DeWayne and the other top free agents to see where they will land. We ask if Tiger will ever be what he once was.

We are fanatics about our sports. We love teams (mine are the Spurs, Steelers, Rangers and Stars--yes, I've given up on the Red Sox to adopt a home team, but that will never happen with the Cowboys or Mavericks). We hate teams (mine are the Mavs, Cowboys and Mavs).

But in all that, sports should not separate us. Our passion for a person or team cannot become more valuable to us than our friendships and neighbors.

What's that you say? Low hanging fruit? You've never heard of someone who destroyed a relationship over sport?

Have you ever watched parents at a little league game?

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