Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another thought on immigration...

This morning I was listening to the news about the judge overruling implementation of pieces of Arizona's new law. They (and I) have been talking about the impact this will have on a person who gets pulled over or does some other minor infraction having to prove their citizenship.

But what about victims of crimes? Will someone whose house was burglarized no longer call the police because their abuela is living with them and she is undocumented? What about a woman whose work visa expired but she hasn't left the states because she has a job that provides food for her kids, and she gets raped. Will she want to report that to the police at the risk of being deported? Will an undocumented man assaulted by gang members want to report that crime?

Will this law inadvertently allow for unscrupulous characters to even further exploit that without current legal status? Definitely something for consideration.

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