Friday, January 16, 2009

Thanks for the atheists!

I found this new story in the Out of Ur newsletter done through Christianity Today online:

Bible Society Supports Atheist's Ads
British Christians fund atheist bus ads hoping they backfire.

The British Humanist Association, a group supported by best-selling author and atheist Richard Dawkins, has purchased ad space on buses that read, "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

Shortly after the ad campaign was announced, a Christian group responded by making a £50 donation to the atheist group. Theos—a thinktank of the Bible Society—welcomed the ads because they believe the message will backfire. A spokesperson for Theos explains, "When competition arrives, it forces a re-evaluation of attitudes and creates an opportunity." Theos says the ads will make people reconsider what they really believe, and "in such circumstances, growth in the overall market is not uncommon. Thanks be, then, to the atheists."

I personally agree with the thinking of Theos. One of the real problems that American evangelicals seem to have is with Christianity being involved in a competitive milieu of ideas. We have enjoyed the dominant position for several hundred years, and now find ourselves at best as one idea among equals. But the truth is that Christianity has always done it's best work when it is not the dominant idea.


K Burkholder said...

i like this way of thinking...i thought the same thing when i read the article about the ads - why would they say "probably" and how would the human brain read that.

washington state atheists had ads up that said, "just be good for goodness sake". i kind of liked those too. :)

i may use this at our new blog experiment:

Arnie Adkison said...


I find it amazing that so many Christians want the world to reflect the comfortable aspects of what is usually referred to as Judeo-Christian culture. But that's just not biblical faith, and in my humble opinion it is a leading factor in turning people off to the real gospel message of Jesus.

Thanks for reading!