Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Relationship makes the world go 'round

I've probably said it a hundred times now--relationship is probably the greatest thing that humans can experience. It's why Jesus said the two greatest commands are what they are--mind your relationships.

Pop Quiz: When was the first relationship? I've probably asked this on the blog before, but for the new guy, when was it?

I got back from lunch just now and had an email from Amazon about Len Sweet's new book "11: Indispensable Relationships You Can't Be Without", which I thought was an interesting looking book. Leonard Sweet is worth reading just about anything he's written. And he's always got the coolest titles--my favorite is "Cup of Coffee in the Soul Cafe." But it made me think about the importance of relationships.

No, the first relationship was not Adam and Eve. Or Adam and God.

It could be that my last day in the office is today, so I'm thinking about relationships as they move and shift throughout time. I've made some great ones at BUA, and I will miss the daily markings they have made on my life.

No, the first relationship was not between God and the angels. Try one more time.

After I saw Len's book I saw on CT's Leadership magazine site an article by another great communicator, John Ortberg, about his recent weekend with good friends. It's worth reading, and you can find it here...

The first relationship never was, and always is. The emphasis of the trinitarian concept of God is that relationship has always been. It exists within the character and nature of God. In some ways it is the essence of God. So go and enjoy your friends. Make new ones. Renew old ones. And in so doing, you might just discover God himself in others.

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