Thursday, April 07, 2011

So they're shutting down the gov't tomorrow?

You might have heard about the Sojourners-led fast around the federal budget process. Today I read a great article (find the whole thing here) but I wanted to share a quote with you:

The message of the fast gets clearer each day -- fasting tends to focus you, and the message is that a budget is about the choices we make. This fast is not just about cutting spending, but about the values that will determine our priorities and decisions. Should we cut $8.5 billion for low-income housing, or $8.5 billion in mortgage tax deductions for second vacation homes? Should we cut $11.2 billion in early childhood programs for poor kids, or $11.5 billion in tax cuts for millionaires' estates? Should we cut $2.5 billion in home heating assistance in winter months, or $2.5 billion in tax breaks for oil companies and off-shore drilling? This debate isn't about scarcity as much as it is about choices.

While it's more complex than this, these are some questions that every believer should wrestle with. How does a federal budget reflect the morals of a godly people?

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