Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ordinary people

Earlier I was reading the Leadership Weekly online newsletter. Marshall Shelley (who by the way wrote a book EVERY pastor and leader should read called "Well Intentioned Dragons") mentioned how amazed he was at Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt--weren't we all! He asks a great question though--do we let amazing standouts in the kingdom keep us ordinary people from stepping up?

Then I read my Monday Morning Memo from Roy Williams, the Wizard of Ads. Yes, I know it's Thursday. So I'm a slow reader sometimes.

Here's something from that:

I’ve encountered dozens of business owners who believed in their hearts they had extraordinary employees.

None of them ever did.

"Properly enforced systems, methods, policies and procedures allow a company to get exceptional actions from ordinary people. If your business requires you to attract and retain extraordinary people, you’ve got a dangerous business model."

I think he's right. You don't have to be extraordinary to do amazing things.

In fact, if you read the Bible, extraordinary often just gets in the way.

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