Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hmm, The Happening doesn't really happen

Okay, I posted the other day about M. Night Shyamalan and how "I am Legend" reminded me of his movies. So today, with nothing to do and the family at the in-laws, I decided to go see "The Happening", Shyamalan's newest flick. Written, directed and produced by him. I was disappointed.

The plot just never got into rhythm. It was choppy and some things were totally left undealtwith or just thrown in without seeming to make sense to the overall plot. And it was if he said to his critics "Fine, you think I am addicted to the weird twist at the end? Well in this movie I will just make it obvious from the beginning." And it was.

Don't get me wrong, it had a little thriller in it. There were definitely times I was waiting for the scare, a feeling I enjoy. But nothing like "Sixth Sense" or "Signs". And he threw in more gore in this one, which is what gave it the "R" rating. As a side note, I cannot understand for the life of me how parents can take their kids to a movie like this. But today there was a 4 year old wandering the theater jumping every time something gory showed up on screen.

I have decided that for me, I know when Shyamalan lost it. It was the scene in "Signs" where he showed the alien at the end. It took the thrill away, and I haven't gotten it back fully in one of his films yet. I agree with something I read on Wikipedia--Shyamalan seemed to have done his best work when he focused on directing, and less when he's also the writer.


Taylor said...

I realy enjoyed the movie. I do agree with the showing of the alien in signs, but M Night in my opinion did a fantastic joy of keeping suspence throughout "The Happening" that is just my opinion.
I also realy enjoyed how he seemed to slip in a referance to global warming......just me

Arnie Adkison said...

Taylor, I too liked the point on the environmental impact of humans, and should have mentioned that. I did think it was funny when the movie was over a guy behind me said to his girlfriend as they left "he's been talking to Al Gore too much."

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie--to me that's what movies are for. And I enjoyed it too, mostly because I just typically enjoy most things. I just felt like it wasn't quite the thriller of the first few movies he did. Perhaps I missed it, but maybe what I'm struggling with is the overall sense of a common thread of goodness/Providence/destiny that was missing from this movie.

Thanks for stopping by.