Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Should Christians write futuristic novels about killing people in future religious wars?

What would you do if suddenly your car didn’t run, all power to your home was gone, your house furnace and central air conditioning were disabled, your refrigerator and freezer became warm storage cabinets for rapidly decaying food, and your employer was permanently out of business?

How would you survive? Where would you go to escape the harsh realities of the climate where you live?

And suppose that on top of this calamity there came a horde of marauders riding swift horses into your city to murder, rape, burn, and pillage? Police, firefighters, and National Guardsmen would be powerless to put up much resistance since they couldn’t operate vehicles or equipment to get to the site of the conflagration.

Do you own a gun? Could you bring yourself to fend off your formerly friendly neighbor who is now murderously intent upon taking your last food reserves to keep his family from starving? And how many bullets would it take to repel thousands of heavily armed invaders, all intent upon killing you for your beliefs and stealing your family and property?

In this fanciful but not far-fetched page-turner, xxx xxxx portrays a world where the ultimate weapon of mass destruction has instantly propelled the United States hundreds of years backward and turned society into a vicious, dog-eat-dog, stone-age madhouse of chaos. This weapon is out there, in the hands of insane men and it could happen!

I found this interesting. I met the author of this book last week, and he asked me to peruse his website. He seems like a good writer, but when I read the paragraph above that begins "do you own a gun..." I couldn't help but wonder if the paragraph was hype or if we were really supposed to contemplate shooting our neighbor to keep him from stealing our food or storing up ammo to kill "thousands of heavily armed invaders"?!? Reminds me of the "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" bumper sticker you can by at www.landoverbaptist.org...

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