Friday, August 17, 2007

The Ooze

Awhile back I discovered great site for current discussion about all things Jesus. It's one of those sites I try to read at least each month, sometimes every week.

Lo and behold, this week one of my college buddies wrote an article there. Keith Giles is from El Paso and even back in college was a great thinker about what it meant to really follow Jesus. Now he pastors a house church in Orange, CA.

His article is called "Reformation or Revolution" and discusses whether Jesus was a reformer or a revolutionary. Keith likes reformer better; I have always preferred revolutionary. Maybe that's because he was the artsy guy with a rock band who wore berets, and I was the football player. :) just kidding, Keith!

What do you think? Read Keith's article and let me know why you think Jesus was a reformer, a revolutionary, or something else altogether.

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