Monday, July 30, 2007

"Black" by Ted Dekker

My wife accuses me of being a snob about some things. Not very many things, mind you. I'm very laid back about just about everything. But the 3 or 4 things I'm snobbish about, well, I'm REALLY snobbish about. The list includes coffee, putting greens, wine, writing instruments, and sometimes gadgets in general.

Until recently some people would have put fictional books on that list. I don't typically read much fiction, but I read a ton of non-fiction. So some friends (April) have accused me of being snobbish about fiction. But the truth is I really enjoy fiction, I just tend to enjoy non-fiction more. And I do have a thing about poorly written Christian propaganda fiction (read "Left Behind"; there's that snobbishness again, I guess you have to add cheap art from the Christian ghetto to the list...)

The wife and the friends finally prevailed, and I read "Black" by Ted Dekker over the weekend. It started a little slow, but by halfway through I was really enjoying it. While I don't think it's quite the caliber of C.S. Lewis' "Out of the Silent Planet" trilogy (of which the 2nd, "Perelandra" is my fave), it's very good. And it's got me ready to read the 2nd in that series "Red". (Okay, I do think the colors are a little not-so-subtle Christian subculturish--black introduces sin and evil, and I'm sure red will be redemption and the 3rd book, "White", will have good triumphing over evil.)

But like I said, I'm ready to read it. So whoever has it checked out from the San Antonio Library needs to get it back...

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