Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Middle East Madness

Boy did I pick the wrong time to be planning and promoting a donor trip to Israel...

The middle east has flared up again, as it seems everyone knew it would and no one can do anything about. I wish I knew some great answer, some incredible piece of wisdom that would promote a lasting peace in that region. God knows that He wants peace!

Today's Christianity Today online piece had a story from Martin Accad, academic dean of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon. The CT editors preface the article with a disclaimer about their disagreements with some of Accad's points, and I wonder why. Are we so convinced of the "need" for "wars and rumors of wars" because of the prevailing eschatological madness in the US that we don't condemn atrocity, even (especially!) when our friends are committing it? Check out the article, whether you agree or not it will help you see a different point of view from another follower of Jesus--always a good thing.

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